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In the early 1970s, we opened our doors to the concept of manufacturing items cheaper in foreign countries.  Our sole focus was on making money, and we placed those industries on steroids outside of our borders.  This plan worked well in a booming economy, so we continued to deliver many manufacturing industries to other countries.  

The COVID-19 epidemic has further exposed our shortsightedness in this concept.  We have a manufacturing gap in our ability to serve our critical medical supply needs.  We continue to lack the necessary supplies to equip personal with items such as masks and gowns to clothe our first line medical personnel, meet our citizens’ needs, and restock our country’s stockpiles.  Our U.S. based manufacturers are still in catch up mode. 

Our dependence on other countries goes much further than requiring medical supplies, which leads one to question our ability to produce and supply medicines that our country may require.  A doctor indicated that it was difficult to schedule certain medical procedures because of the lack of medicines and medical supplies.  

We must continually examine our decision and realign our priorities and legislation to strike the right balance.  Now is a good time to examine the impact of prior decisions on our ability to be sustaining in farming, ranching, energy production, and other areas.  Additionally, this is the time to broaden our scope on manufacturing industries.  We must invest in new technologies and be at the forefront, creating new age manufacturing jobs.  This process will require both sides to sit and have a meeting of the minds to address this issue properly for and with the American people.  

I am reminded of a saying shared with me, “If you don’t have any sense, find someone who does and use theirs.” We have to utilized the talent from our brightest to lead the way to a new era.  I am willing and able to learn and lead.  Are you with me 5th District, we can do this together?

Committee to Elect Phillip Snowden
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